In many ways, Biblical Studies is at the heart of who we are and what we do. The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies at Great Northern University trains students to read Scripture historically, theologically, and practically. Through foundational training for traditional forms of vocational ministry, you will be equipped with the tools to interpret and apply biblical text within church ministries, pastoral education, a missionary career, in Christian graduate programs, or Christian continuing education.

This Biblical Studies program is designed for anyone who desires to think and act as a Christian in every aspect of life — even in business or entrepreneurial careers. Regardless of what future you might pursue, a formal education in Biblical Studies can be foundational in making your faith your own.

What Can I Do with a Biblical Studies Degree?

  • Church ministry (e.g., pastor, missionary, Christian counselor)
  • Nonprofit work (e.g., refugee resettlement, fundraising, community outreach)
  • Social work (e.g., child welfare, abuse relief, family counseling)
  • Attend Christian graduate schools or Bible seminary

Sample Core Courses                    

Old Testament Survey

This is a survey of the entire Old Testament in its historical and cultural context. The course explores the general content of the Old Testament books (including the outstanding features and basic teachings), to understand the place of each book in God’s total progressive revelation. Students will gain understanding on allying practical Old Testament principles to contemporary Christian living.

Systematic Theology I: God, Creation, Providence, and Scripture

This course is a study of the nature and task of theology and the doctrines of the triune God, creation, providence, and Scripture.

New Testament Biblical Theology

This course guides students through a systematic study of New Testament progressive revelation using a method sensitive to history, culture, different human authors, genre, and emphasis. Students gain an understanding of the New Testament’s practical use and teaching for the church, historically and for today. 

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