College of Global Engagement

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Engage the World Through Studies in Language and Culture

Cross-cultural experiences can happen overseas, across borders, and even in line at your local grocery store. With billions of people and thousands of languages and cultures to engage, students need effective cross-cultural training for successful ministry, business, and education on the global stage. The College of Global Engagement provides this training with the goal to aid you in becoming culturally-aware and culturally-prepared.

Engaging with individuals, groups, and societies in other countries requires an understanding of historical and contemporary issues. Each country has a rich history that informs its current social, economic, and political climates. Students can expect to learn the issues most pertinent to their region(s) of interest around the world, and how they can effect change in their lifetime.

However, experiencing cultural differences doesn’t require crossing borders and seas. The history of the United States is greatly characterized by the immigration of people groups from all over the world, which continues to this day. In addition, countless subcultures develop through diversity in socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, lifestyles, and geographic regions. The need for cultural awareness is present as soon as we get out of bed. An education from the College of Global Engagement at Great Northern University will equip students with the knowledge and understanding vital to impacting their communities.

The College of Global Engagement provides future workers with the missiological, intercultural, linguistic, and anthropological foundations needed to be active participants in God’s cross-cultural work—whether here or abroad. GNU students in this college will also be empowered to bring solutions and healing to real-world complexities such as refugee resettlement, homelessness, human trafficking, and more.